Health research employing technology and HCI to support wellbeing, recovery and maintenance of conditions, has seen significant progress in recent years. However, such research has primarily focused on mobile “apps” running on commercial smartphones. We believe that Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) offer many physical and interaction qualities that would benefit the eHealth community. Yet, there is little research that combines the two. Tangibles for Health will bring together leading researchers in tangible user interaction and health to explore the potential of tangibles as applied to healthcare and wellbeing.

The focus of this one day workshop on 8th May 2015 is to bring researchers in both the Tangible and eHealth domains to explore problems and how tangible interaction might provide solutions. In doing so we will begin to craft a research agenda that supports future developments in this area.

Muscle Memory helps people in high intensity exercise environments track the quality of their squats during exercise.


Rocking Chair Montage.jpg
‘Resonant Rocking Chair’ developed in the Tangible Memories Project┬áis a tangible interface for interactively browsing songs, poetry and soundscapes in a care home.